Mahan & Miles - Terms & Conditions


The Terms and Conditions set out below are important and affect your rights as a Member of the Mahan Air Frequent Flyer Program “Mahan&Miles”. We draw your attention in particular to Clauses 22 to 26 respecting changes which may be made to Mahan&Miles, including those relating to the earning and redemption of Mileage and termination of the Mahan&Miles membership.

You must read both these Terms and Conditions carefully before first quoting your Membership number to Mahan Air or Service Partner. Mahan Air reserves the right to change these terms & conditions at any time without any notice or liability. If you have any questions, telephone your local service centre.

The Mahan&Miles Terms and Conditions contain some exclusions and limitations of liability.


These Terms and Conditions set out the contractual relationship between Mahan Air and each individual Member of the Mahan&Miles program.


In these Terms and Conditions unless the context requires otherwise:

"Airline Partners"

means airlines (other than Mahan Air) whose flights may, from time to time, be eligible for Tier Points, Mileage or Awards;


Means any flight ticket issued by, or other goods or services supplied by, or on behalf of Mahan Air upon redemption by a Member of an appropriate part of the Member's Mileage; Award miles gets expired every 3 years.


Means the Mahan&Miles pages, as amended from time to time, available on the Mahan Air website at internet address


Means Mahan Air;


Means, where issued, a Gold, Silver or Classic Mahan & Miles Membership card, as the case may be;


Means data personal to a Member;

"Event beyond Your Control"

Means unusual and unforeseeable circumstances which you cannot control and the consequences of which you could not have avoided even if you had taken all reasonable care;


means the Mahan&Miles program;


Includes fraud, dishonesty and deceit and in particular:

·         knowingly supplying incorrect information including at the time of booking to accrue Tier Points or Mileage;

·         attempting to accrue Tier Points or Mileage for Sectors which have not been flown or are not eligible for Tier Points or Mileage;

·         altering documents to procure Tier Points or Mileage;

·         attempting to accrue Tier Points or Mileage for Sectors flown by any person other than the Member;

·         using or attempting to use stolen or counterfeit tickets on Mahan Air's or Airline Partners' services;

·         attempting to accrue Tier Points or Mileage more than once for the same Sector;

·         selling, bartering and/or purchasing Mileage or Awards including attempting to sell or transfer Mileage or Awards by means of internet based sales or auctions; or

·         knowingly benefiting from the Fraud or Misconduct of another Member or individual;

"Family Account"
means the account established by Mahan Air which enables up to five members of a family, including a maximum of six persons above 12 years of age, to earn Mileage and redeem all or part of such Mileage for Awards for any one person in the family account and for no other individual;

means losses, costs, damages, injuries, accidents or claims (whether direct or indirect) suffered by Members in connection with the provision of Services or Awards;

means an airport lounge provided for Members;

"Marketing Partners"
means Service Partners, franchisees, subsidiaries of Mahan Air and any company selected by Mahan Air to offer services, products or facilities to Members;

means the person who is a member of Mahan&Miles and whose name is printed on the Card;

means membership of Mahan&Miles;

"Membership Number"
means the membership number allocated in accordance with point 3.5 of Mahan&Miles terms and conditions;

means the credits denominated as W5 Miles earned by a Member and credited to a member's account;


·         failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions or the terms and conditions of a Service or Airline Partner; or

·         attempting to obtain Tier Points or Mileage by Fraud; or

·         misusing the Services; or

·         misconduct on board a Mahan Air or Airline Partner's flight or in a Lounge or while checking-in; or

·         misconduct in dealing with Mahan Air’s staff or the staff of any Service Partner; or

·         failure to comply with the Mahan Air General Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage and any other applicable rules and regulations.


"Tier Points"
means Mahan&Miles Tier Points earned by Members for the purpose of progressing
towards Silver or Gold tier Membership. Tier miles/points gets expired every 2 years.

"Processing" and "Processed"
includes obtaining, using, recording and holding in electronic or any other form;

means a single eligible flight sector between two destinations;

"Service Partner"
means partners (including Airline Partners) and companies such as financial and insurance institutions, hotels and car hire companies who provide Services to Members by reason of their Membership;

means the benefits, services, Awards and facilities from time to time available to Members whether provided by Mahan Air or Service Partners;

means the period of twelve months from the date of issue of a Card and each twelve month period thereafter.



3.1. Individuals who are 12 years of age or over may apply for membership.

Mahan Air reserves the right not to enroll individuals with resident addresses in certain countries and/or regions. Such countries and/or regions will subject to change however reasonable advance notice will be given in circumstances where the removal of a country and/or region will affect the membership of existing Members.

Membership is not open to companies, partnerships, unincorporated associations or similar entities.

To apply for Membership an individual can apply online at or . Membership applications must state the applicant's full name and preferred mailing address for correspondence. The preferred mailing address determines the applicability of any local rules or restrictions relating to the Services and eligibility for local promotions or the Services. Members cannot state more than one preferred mailing address.

Membership is offered at the discretion of Mahan Air and Mahan Air holds the right to reject Membership applications without specifying any reason.

Applicants accepted as Members will be given a Membership number and may be provided with a Card. Multiple Membership are not permitted and each Member must maintain only one account. In the case of duplication of Membership, all Memberships (other than the first Membership approved by Mahan Air) will be cancelled as will any duplicate Mileage.

Applicants will be admitted to Membership on the date they activate their account via; sign the Card or the date they first quote their Membership number to either Mahan Air or a Service Partner (whichever occurs first). By activating their account via; use of the Card and/or providing their Membership number and/or participating in Mahan&Miles, Members agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions (as amended from time to time) and the information on

Each Member must give Mahan Air immediate written notice of any changes of name or preferred mailing address and, if requested by Mahan Air, written proof of any such changes. These changes can also be made online by visiting

Members cannot transfer Membership registration between countries in which Mahan&Miles operates more than once in every six months.

Correspondence will be sent to the Member's last preferred mailing address and/or the e-mail address provided on application or in accordance with Clause 3.7. Mahan Air reserves the right to provide information, including changes to the Mahan&Miles program, only to active Members. An active Member is a Member who has earned or redeemed Mileage within the previous 6 month period.

3.10. Mahan Air will not be responsible for late, lost or misdirected mail.

3.11. Correspondence from Members to Mahan Air should be sent to the Member's local service centre.

3.12. Membership will terminate automatically:

3.12.1. in the event of the expiry of all Mileage in accordance with Clause 12.3 when a Member has not earned or redeemed Mileage for 36 consecutive months; and

3.12.2. Upon the death of a Member, Mileage and Tier Points accumulated but unused at the time of death shall be cancelled.

.3.13. Mahan&Miles is not a members' or proprietors' club.



4.1. The Data which is processed by Mahan Air in connection with Members may include:

4.1.1. Membership Data (such as Mileage accumulated or redeemed) and Data concerning Membership of other frequent flyer programs;

4.1.2. Data about travel booked or undertaken by the Member including Data identifying any company or organization booking travel for the Member;

4.1.3. Data supplied by the Member;

4.1.4. Data collected when the Member is provided with Services; and

4.1.5. Data collected when the Member is otherwise in contact with Mahan Air or a Service Partner (such as Data about use of

4.2. The sources of the Data Processed by Mahan Air in connection with Members may include Service Partners, Marketing Partners, purchasers of travel booked for or undertaken by the Member, travel agents, computer reservations systems, data processors, agents and contractors and other airlines. Mahan Air may link together Data obtained from a number of sources or combine Data with data held on other Mahan Air databases in order to differentiate between categories of Members for any of the purposes listed in 4.4 below.

4.3. Members consent to:

4.3.1. their Data being supplied to Service Partners, Marketing Partners, other airlines, data processors, agents and contractors, and immigration and customs authorities;

their Data being transferred to other countries whether or not such countries have data protection laws; and

the processing of any sensitive data included in their Data (such as data revealing a medical condition or religious belief).

4.4. The purposes for which Data may be processed by Mahan Air or by a recipient of Data under 4.3.1 include:

4.4.1. providing Services to Members;

making changes to Services and developing new Services;

providing customer service on Mahan Air flights and the flights of Airline Partners;

accounting and audit, safety and security, fraud prevention and investigation, and systems testing, development and maintenance;

the management and administration of Mahan & Miles;

customer relations, service recovery and assisting Mahan Air and Service Partners in future dealings with Members;

credit checking and credit scoring where permitted;

immigration and customs control;

customer profiling and other marketing and market research analysis;

(by or on behalf of Mahan Air) communicating to Members information about Mahan&Miles, including information about Mahan&Miles benefits, using any contact details provided;


(by or on behalf of Mahan Air or Marketing Partners) communicating to Members about other products, services or facilities offered by Mahan Air, Marketing Partners or other carefully selected companies, using any contact details provided;

conducting market research; and

any other purpose which is obvious or is communicated to the Member.

4.5. Consent to receive marketing and market research communications under 4.4.11 and 4.4.12 is requested at the time of enrolment and may be given by the Member subsequently. Where consent is given it may be withdrawn by the Member writing to the local service centre or by any other means for withdrawing consent made available by Mahan Air from time to time.

Before any Data relating to a Member is disclosed to a Member by Mahan Air, the Member may be asked security questions which may require him/her to confirm his/her identity by providing information held by Mahan Air about that Member.

Mahan Air may disclose Data relating to a Member to a third person who has been nominated in writing by the Member to Mahan Air in advance. Members are responsible for the security of their online logons and passwords and Mahan Air shall have no liability in the event that a Member's logon and/or password is disclosed by the Member, whether intentionally or not, so as to allow a third person online access to the Data and to make any transactions. Mahan Air reserves the right to block online access to Data by or through any third party website not authorized by Mahan Air.



5.1. A Mahan&Miles Membership Card is sent to the member, as soon as the member collects 1.500 tier miles. A full kit that includes baggage tags and membership guide is sent to the member qualifies for Silver membership status by collecting 25.000 tier miles within 24 consecutive months or Gold membership status by collecting 50.000 tier miles within 24 consecutive months. The members can use his/her temporary membership card until receiving the original one.

5.2. Applicants accepted for Membership will be eligible to receive a card upon earning a set level of W5 Miles. Membership Cards must be signed immediately on receipt and then will be valid until the expiry date shown on it.

5.3. Only the Member named on the Card may use it or quote the Membership number. Cards are not transferable in any circumstances.

5.4. The Card is not a credit card. It remains the property of Mahan Air and must be returned if requested.

5.5. The Member should produce the Card at any time whilst travelling or otherwise utilizing any Services at the request of Mahan Air or a Service Partner.

5.6. PIN (Personal Identification Number) which enables the member to request award or check his/her mileage account online is given to the members to be defined personally. You will be authorized to manage your program entitlements via our website with your PIN code. Transaction made with the correct pin code is considered as a transaction made by the member. Therefore, in order to prevent the misuse and for the security of the accounts the member must ensure that the PIN is not disclosed to unauthorized third parties. Member should contact Mahan & Miles as soon as possible in the case he/she is suspicious of the use of the pin by unauthorized persons or misuse of it. 



6.1. Entitlement to a Gold, Silver or Classic Card depends on the applicable level of Tier Points and/or W5 Miles earned by Members. Mahan Air may, from time to time, change the number of Tier Points needed to qualify for each type of Card but will inform Members in advance of any changes. The table below displays the qualification criteria in terms of tier miles required for moving up to Silver and Gold tier level:


Tier Level

Miles Flown


1,500 Miles


25,000 Miles


50,000 Miles



6.2. Card entitlement is based on the number of Tier Points earned in a Year. Each Member's Card status will be reviewed at the end of each Year before the expiration of the current Card. Tier Points can only be counted once. Upon promotion to another tier level, the Member's Tier Point level returns to zero. Members progress from Classic to Silver and from Silver to Gold. Members must ensure they take at least four flights operated by Mahan Air that are eligible for Tier Points each Year in order to achieve or retain Silver or Gold Card status. Once you achieve a new tier level, your status is valid for 3 years in Classic Levels and 2 years in each Silver and Gold tier levels. 


6.3. Tier level may be reduced at Mahan Air’s discretion depending on the Tier Points earned in the previous Year. Tier Points earned prior to the beginning of the relevant Year will not be counted for this purpose. Tier miles will be expired every two years.


7.1. Tier Points & Award Points can only be earned for travel on Mahan Air eligible Sectors at eligible fare classes shown in the below table:

International Flight Class

Award Miles

Tier Miles








200 %

125 %


180 %

100 %

B, A

175 %

100 %


165 %

100 %


150 %

100 %


100 %

100 %


80 %

80 %


70 %

70 %


65 %

65 %


60 %

60 %

M, N

50 %

50 %


Domestic Flight Class

Award Miles

Tier Miles




























7.2. Mahan Air may, from time to time, alter the rules for earning Tier Points (for example, by altering eligible flights or fare classes or the number of Tier Points earned for specific Sectors). Members will be notified in advance of any changes.

7.3. Members are required to state their membership number when making their bookings and to present their Mahan&Miles membership card when checking in, to ensure that the miles they collect are correctly credited to their account. 

7.4. The rules for earning Tier Points may be different from the rules for earning Mileage.

7.5. Tier points are valid until 2 years.


8.1. Lounges

8.1.1. Lounges are available only to Silver and Gold Card holders at all Mahan Air originating International airports. Lounge access for the Gold cards one accompanying member having same reservation with the Gold member at Imam Khomeini International Airport.

8.1.2. Members must receive the Lounge voucher from the Check–In counter before they can be admitted to a Lounge.

8.2. Airport Transfer

8.2.1 Airport transfer is available at Imam Khomeini Airport for Mahan&Miles Gold members on paid tickets only. Gold members can request their Airport transfer from Mahan&Miles department.

8.2.2. Gold members can request their Airport transfer from Mahan & Miles department until 48 hours before the flight date and can cancel their request until 24 hours before departure only. Cancellation of transfer less than 24 hours before departure will make them to lose their next airport transfer.

8.2.3. Gold member requesting Airport transfer on free ticket but 500 award miles will be collected per leg by Mahan&Miles department.


9.1. Some Services (such as Lounges) will be provided by Mahan Air and others (such as car hire) by Service Partners. Mahan Air will use reasonable endeavors to ensure the availability of Services provided by Service Partners but will not be liable for any Loss arising from failure by Service Partners to provide such Services except where such failure is caused by Mahan Air.

9.2. The provision of Services from Service Partners is conditional on Members stating their full name and Membership number when booking the Service and, where appropriate, showing their Card and providing additional information if required to do so by the Service Partner.

9.3. Where a Member uses Services which are not provided by Mahan Air, the Service Partner's terms and conditions relating to such Services will apply including those terms and conditions relating to bookings, ticketing, passports and all other matters, and Mahan Air will not be liable for any Loss.

9.4. Mahan Air may discontinue relationships with Service Partners at any time and will give Members such notice of any discontinuance as is reasonably practical in the circumstances.



10.1. Only individual Members are eligible to earn Mileage and each Member must quote their name and Membership number (which must match exactly, should they have a Membership Card, the name and Membership number on their Card) at the time of booking and to present their Mahan&Miles membership card when checking in when using Mahan Air, Airline Partners or Service Partners.

10.2. Members are not entitled to Mileage if the name given when booking does not match exactly the name on their Card (where applicable), or if they have given incomplete information when booking.

10.3. Each Member has a responsibility to check that Mileage and Tier Points have been properly credited. This can be checked online at


11.1. Mahan Air International flights and Domestic flights on specified flight classes mentioned in clause 7.1 are eligible for getting mileage.

11.2. Mahan Air may, from time to time, determine the criteria for earning Mileage, which may include:

11.2.1. the identity of the airline (that is, Mahan Air or any of the Airline Partners);

11.2.2. eligible Sectors;

11.2.3. eligible regions;

11.2.4. eligible cabin classes; and

11.2.5. eligible booking classes.

11.3. Agency discount tickets, industry discount tickets and airline employee discount tickets are not eligible either for Mileage or Tier Points. Travel taken on redemption tickets (including, but not limited to Awards or On Business Rewards) is not eligible to accrue further Mileage or Tier Points. Tier Points are not relevant to the calculation of Mileage. Infant fares are not eligible for Mileage or Tier Points.


12.1. Mileage can be earned on International Flights and Domestic flights (From 22nd May 2011) on the flight classes mention in clause 7.1.

12.2. Mileage will be earned according to the class of travel booked, paid for and ticketed, not the class of travel actually flown. The Member must, except as mentioned below, actually travel on the Sector to qualify for Award miles and Tier Points.

12.3. Mileage can only be accumulated once per flight per Member, regardless of the number of seats purchased. Mileage will be credited only to the Member who has travelled on the flight on the relevant Sector and not to any third party.

12.4. If a Member has not earned or redeemed Mileage for 36 consecutive months, all Mileage that has accrued to that date will expire.

12.5. Where a Member is involuntarily re-routed by Mahan Air onto another carrier, and the original flight on which the Member was booked would have qualified for Mileage, the Member may still claim such Mileage. Mahan Air will endeavor to credit the Member's account with the appropriate Mileage however it may be necessary for details of the Member's itinerary, including the retained segment of the boarding pass and passenger receipts to be sent to the Member's local service center in order to claim any Mileage credit.

12.6. Mileage credit in relation to any flight will be tracked and credited to only one account.

12.7. Other than in relation to special promotions Mahan Air does not permit the credit of Tier Points or Mileage where a Member is earning credits within another loyalty program in respect of the same Services and such Tier Points or Mileage are subject to recapture.

12.8. Mahan Air will record Mileage in the Member's personal account. Mileage cannot be redeemed until Mahan Air has recorded it in the Member's personal account.

12.9. Mileage and Tier Points which are not tracked automatically at the time of travel may be credited later at Mahan Air’s discretion. Members may claim Mileage and Tier Points after completion of their travel either online at or if required by submitting the retained segment of the boarding pass and passenger receipts provided that the Member was enrolled in Mahan & Miles at the time of travel and the claim is made, within 6 months of the date of travel or the relevant transaction. A new Member may claim Mileage and Tier Points for eligible Mahan Air flights taken up to 3 months prior to the commencement of their Membership.

12.10. In cases of dispute about entitlement to Mileage and Tier Points, Mahan Air may require proof of travel on the relevant Sector including the retained segment of the boarding pass and passenger receipts for the Sector claimed to have been flown. Claims must be lodged within 3 months of the date of travel.

12.11. Mileage credit for a Member's travel on Mahan Air shall be based on the World Airport Mileage Table between the cities where the Member's travel begins and ends. For travel on connecting flights, Mileage will be credited as the total of the separate Sectors of the trip, but on direct or through flights with one or more intermediate stops, Mileage will be credited for the ticketed point of origin to destination of travel.

12.12. Members may be entitled to receive benefits and Mileage from Service Partners provided they quote their Membership number when making a booking. In some cases a Member may be required to enroll in the loyalty program of a Service Partner and convert the Service Partner's loyalty credits into Mileage at the Member's option. Where a Member must elect whether to earn Mileage or the Service Partner's loyalty credits the Member will not be permitted to re-elect at a later date.

12.13. Mahan&Miles hotel Service Partners offer benefits to Members worldwide if a Member quotes his/her Membership Number when making a booking and presents his/her Card or Membership Number on checking-in. A stay is defined as all consecutive nights at one hotel, whether or not the Member checks out and checks back in during the stay. The stay does not have to be in conjunction with a W5 flight to be eligible for Mileage. Mileage will be earned on the basis of one room per Member, regardless of the number of rooms booked. Mileage for hotel rates is awarded on all eligible rates. Retrospective claims for Mileage must be made within 3 months of the date of the stay; new Members cannot claim for ground partner transactions made prior to enrolment.

12.14. Car hire Service Partners offer service benefits and Mileage to Members worldwide if the Member quotes his/her Membership number when hiring a car (on eligible rates) and presents his/her Card or Membership Number when picking up the car. Retrospective claims for Mileage must be made within 3 months of the date of the hire; new Members cannot claim for ground partner transactions made prior to enrolment.

12.15. Other Service Partners which offer service benefits and Mileage to Members are listed on

12.16. A Member must give his/her Mahan&Miles number to the reservations agent/travel agent each time a booking is made for travel on Mahan Air or when using any other Services. A Member must also present his/her Mahan&Miles Card at check-in. Failure to give complete information may result in earned Mileage and Tier Points not being credited to the Member's account and the Member not receiving certain Services.



13.1. Awards will be issued to any name requested and mailed only to the preferred mailing address of the Member. In some countries Members may be required to collect Awards from designated places. Awards for travel on Mahan Air flights are subject to the General Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage. Awards for travel on Airline Partner flights are subject to the relevant terms and conditions of the Airline Partner.

13.2. Requests and bookings relating to Awards (including Service Partner Awards) may be made online 7 days prior to the activity date at or through the Member's local service center in accordance with such procedures that may be in force from time to time for the issue of Awards, as shown out on Award bookings can only be requested by the Member who holds the account or an individual nominated. All upgrade requests will be processed 48 hrs before the flight date. Two free ticket requests for the same date will not be accepted. Each time members are allowed to request one free ticket on their own name.

3.13. Members should allow 3-4 weeks for Service Partner requests to be processed. Awards will only be sent to the Member's preferred mailing address.

13.4. E-tickets in respect of Award travel will be issued for travel on all routes where possible. Where a member chooses a paper ticket on an eligible route a charge, as specified on, will be applied

13.5. One way tickets can be issued as Awards on Mahan Air International flights only at 60% of the Mileage required for a return journey to the same destination. Open tickets cannot be issued as Awards.

13.6. There are no charges for stopovers included in an Award itinerary. Where stopovers are at connecting points on the most direct route between origin and destination.

13.7. For return journeys, outbound and return flights must be booked at the same time. Travel to one destination from a point of origin and returning from another city to the same point of origin (or vice versa) is permitted.

13.8. Award bookings are subject to availability and cannot be waitlisted. Award bookings may be made up to 355 days prior to departure, during this period, as a minimum, Mahan Air makes some seats available for Award bookings on all routes operated by Mahan Air on some flights in each direction for each week of operation throughout the year. The total number of seats available for Award bookings will vary from route to route and from week to week depending on commercial demand. Award bookings on an Airline Partner are subject to the availability determined by the Airline Partner. Members are advised to make Award bookings well in advance of the date of travel however Mahan Air cannot guarantee that a Member will be able to make an Award booking on any specific flight regardless of the time of booking.

13.9. Awards for travel will only be issued to and from destinations served by Mahan Air and/or Airline Partners designated at the time the ticket is issued and also at the time the ticket is used. The most direct routing must be taken.

13.10. Members will be charged a fee as for tickets they have lost.

13.11. Members will be liable for all taxes and other charges associated with Award travel on Mahan Air or a Service Partner airline, including without limitation, airport departure tax, customs fines, immigration fees, airport charges, customer user fees, fuel surcharges, agricultural inspection fees, security and insurance surcharge or other incidental fees or taxes charged by any person or relevant authority or body. If required to do so, Mahan Air will provide any relevant fiscal authorities with full details of any persons in receipt of Awards. Any liabilities that arise as a result of the submission of these details, or from a direct notification by a Member, shall be the personal liability of the Member concerned and shall not be borne or paid by Mahan Air.

13.12. Award tickets are subject to IATA fare construction rules.

13.13. All Award travel must be completed within 12 months of the date of ticket issue.

13.14. The number of miles required to qualify for award tickets is same for adults and children.

13.15. All the redemptions for free Tickets or Ticket upgrade will be done only if the member has 1500 miles more than the required redemption mileage in his/her account.

13.16. Please check the Redemption tables in our website at to check the mileage amounts required for getting a free ticket or flight class upgrade.


14.1. Changes to bookings for Award travel on flights operated by Mahan Air or Airline Partners are permitted only in respect of date, time, class of service and (subject to Clause 14.2) route. Such changes may only be made by the Member or an individual nominated in accordance with Clause 3.13. If more than one Part Cash Part Miles price option is available for a Mahan Air flight, it is not possible to change the price option chosen by a Member after a booking has been made. All permitted changes are subject to capacity limitations and may not be made after the time 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the first flight in the Award travel itinerary. A fee as specified may be payable for each permitted change. For the avoidance of doubt, name changes are not permitted.

14.2. The route applicable to an Award travel booking may be changed provided that the new route selected would, as at the date the change is requested, require the redemption of the same amount of Mileage as was redeemed in making the original booking. Route changes are only permitted for Award travel bookings which (other than for the payment of taxes, fees and charges) are purchased using Mileage only.



15.1. For the cancellation of an Award ticket 24hours prior to departure, a fee of 1000 Award miles will be charged from the members account for a round trip ticket and after that time the mileage will not be returned to the members account.

15.2. Failure to utilize an Award flight i.e. "no show", will result in the airline's cancellation of any onward or return reservations and Mileage cannot be re-credited.



16.1. From time to time, Mahan Air may offer special promotional rates for Mileage and/or Award bookings and such accruals and/or bookings will be subject to the terms and conditions as published with each offer and which take precedence over these terms and conditions. Unless otherwise permitted by Mahan Air, Awards (including those special promotional Awards) may not be used in conjunction with other awards, promotions, coupons, discounts or special offers.

16.2. Other than as provided for herein Awards are not redeemable for cash, refundable or exchangeable for any other tickets or anything else and may be confiscated in such circumstances. At no time may Awards be purchased by, sold to, bartered or otherwise transferred to other persons.

16.3. It is the Member's responsibility to ensure that they and everyone with whom they are travelling or any third party in whose name an Award has been issued:

16.3.1. have checked the relevant entry requirements for any country being visited; and

16.3.2. have the correct passports, visas, health certificates and other travel documents needed for the journey.

Members, travel companions or third parties in whose name an Award has been issued may be denied boarding if their documents are not in order. Mahan Air shall not be liable for any Loss suffered by a Member and/or traveler as a result of their failure to arrange the above.

16.4. Mahan Air reserves the right to audit a Member's account and records without notice to the Member to check for compliance with these terms and conditions, the Mahan Air General Conditions of Carriage and any other applicable rules, regulations or terms and conditions. During an audit a Member may be unable to make Award bookings.


17.1. Mileage, and all rights of title to and property in such Mileage, remains with Mahan Air at all times and never passes to the Member.

17.2. Risk (for example, theft or unauthorized or fraudulent redemption) associated with Mileage passes to the Member as soon as Mileage is recorded on the Member's account, or otherwise awarded to the Member. Mahan Air is not liable for unauthorized or fraudulent redemptions arising due to the actions of the Member or the failure by the Member to adhere to these Terms and Conditions.


18.1. Except as otherwise provided by Mahan Air and communicated to the Member, Mileage is not transferable in any way (whether from person to person, account to account, statement to statement, card to card or otherwise) and cannot be bequeathed, devised or otherwise transferred by operation of law.

18.2. Any purported purchase, sale, transfer, unauthorized use (including bartering), procurement or redemption of Mileage issued or awarded to another person or any other use of Mileage contrary to these Terms and Conditions will constitute a fundamental breach by the Member of these Terms and Conditions. It will also constitute a breach of the contract between Mahan  Air and the Member.

18.3. Each Member acknowledges that a breach pursuant to Clause 18.2 above may also constitute an inducement to breach the contract between Mahan Air and the Member, intentional damage to the business of Mahan Air, conspiracy and criminal offences under applicable local or national law. Any breach pursuant to Clause 18.2 will constitute Fraud and/or Misconduct and will be dealt with in accordance with Clause 21.


Members may terminate their Membership by writing to their local service centre stating that they no longer wish to be a Member and (if applicable) enclosing their Card cut in half. Any such termination will result in a loss of all Mileage and does not relieve the Member of any continuing obligations under these terms and conditions.


20.1. In addition to any other rights or remedies it may have Mahan Air reserves the right at any time in its absolute discretion to terminate the Membership of any Member and/or (if applicable) the right of any Member to use the Card if a Member commits Fraud, Misconduct, Damaging behavior towards employees or passengers of Mahan Air is given a banning notice or withdraws their consent under Clause 4. Mahan Air must write to such Member stating their Membership is being terminated for this reason. Mahan Air may in its discretion suspend such termination and impose a reduction in tier grade and/or remove Mileage and/or Tier Points and/or request undertakings in respect of future conduct.

20.2. In the case of Fraud and/or Misconduct, Mahan Air may cancel all accrued and accruing Mileage of the Member and any Award tickets.

20.3. The Member shall be liable to Mahan Air and/or any Airline Partner for the full price of any travel undertaken on Award tickets, wholly or partly as a result of such Fraud and/or Misconduct, in accordance with the published fare applicable to such travel together with any reasonable costs, including legal fees, incurred by Mahan Air.

20.4. In the event of the termination of Membership the Card (if applicable) must be returned to Mahan Air. Furthermore an individual may be required to return any co-branded financial cards to the card issuer. In the event an individual continues to hold a co-branded financial card they will not be entitled to receive any Mileage or Services.

20.5. An Mahan & Miles Account will be automatically terminated on the death of the member. Miles accumulated prior to this will be cancelled.


21.1. Mahan Air may terminate a Member's right to earn or redeem Mileage or terminate the Mahan & Miles Mileage program.

21.2. Mahan & Miles will give at least 6 months notice of such termination of the Mileage Program or a Member's right to earn or redeem Miles issued by Mahan Air.

This will not affect a Members entitlement to use other Services. Each Member acknowledges that at the end of the period of notice, a Member's right to earn Mileage will cease.


Mahan Air may terminate the Mahan & Miles membership at any time but will use its reasonable endeavors to give at least three months notice to Members. At the end of the period of notice, each Member acknowledges that their right to use the Services (including the earning and redemption of Mileage) will cease.


23.1. Mahan Air may modify, withdraw, amend or add to any Services or other offers or arrangements or impose any requirements or restrictions relating to the use of Services or Awards. Mahan Air will give as much advance notice as practicable of such action to Members. Current information is set out on

23.2. Examples of the action which Mahan Air might take under Clause 24.1 include withdrawing Services which Mahan Air provides itself (such as Lounges), modifying the right to earn or redeem Mileage, the withdrawal of a Service (such as car hire) provided by a Service Partner or the withdrawal of Awards. In addition, Service Partners reserve similar rights to withdraw, amend or add to Services or impose requirements or restrictions relating to them.

23.3. Members shall be deemed to have agreed to any modifications, withdrawal, amendment or addition to the Services or Awards or the  Mileage program pursuant to Clause 23.1 if, after Mahan Air has notified them of the changes, they continue to quote their Membership number to obtain Services. Members who do not wish to accept changes in the Services may terminate their Membership in the manner described in Clause 19.


Mahan Air may, from time to time, change the mileage currency used by Mahan & Miles either in whole or in relation to any country or region. Mahan Air will use its reasonable endeavors to give at least six months notice to Members of any such changes.



Mahan Air reserves the right at all times to make any changes to these Terms and Conditions subject to giving Members reasonable notice as appropriate in the circumstances. Members who do not accept the amendments may terminate their Membership as described in Clause 19.


26.1. Mahan Air will not be liable for any Loss resulting from alteration to, or termination of the programme or the right to earn or redeem Mileage or any of the Services, except for Loss caused by its own negligence or willful misconduct.

26.2. Mahan Air will not be liable for any Loss if, by reason of local legal or regulatory prohibitions or restrictions, Mahan&Miles or the whole or any part of the Services cannot be made available in certain countries or to certain Members.

26.3. The limitations and exclusions of liability referred to in the General Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage will apply in relation to travel on the services of Mahan Air including Award travel.


27.1. Mahan Air makes no representations as to any income, use, excise or other tax liability of Members as a result of their Mahan&Miles Membership. Such a tax liability may arise, for example, if a Member obtains Mileage and/or Awards as a result of business expenditure. Members are advised to check with their accountant or tax adviser for further information.

27.2. The Member is solely responsible for any tax liability incurred as a result of Membership.


Mahan Air and its Airline and Service Partners are constantly trying to improve the Services it provides to its Members. Any Member with concerns or complaints should contact their local service center. Mahan Air may occasionally monitor telephone calls from Members to the service center to maintain and enhance its service to Members.

28.1. Airport transfer for Gold members: Free Airport transfer will be provided to all Mahan & Miles Gold members under the below conditions:

28.1.1 Transfer requests should be sent by the members 24 hours before their flight date through the Airport Transfer section of our website at .

28.1.2 Gold members can get the free Airport transfer on their free tickets also but 1000 Award miles will be deducted from their account for each leg.


29.1. To the extent permissible by local law or regulation these terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Mahan Air and each Member submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Iranian courts to resolve any disputes that may arise out of them.

29.2. Any provision of these terms and conditions declared void or unenforceable by any competent authority or court shall, to the extent of such invalidity or unenforceability, be deemed severable and shall not affect the other provisions remaining which shall continue unaffected.

29.3. If there is any conflict in meaning between the English language version of these terms and conditions and any version or translation of these terms and conditions in any other language, the English language version shall prevail.